.vc Domain Names

As the official ccTLD of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, .vc is available to register worldwide. Even though it was first introduced in 1991, .vc domains only started gaining steam in the last few years.

Not only are popular keywords deemed valuable in the .vc extension, but Venture Capital firms have taken a liking to using these domains for their websites. Using .vc to show you are in venture capital allows companies to shorten their domain names and remove unnecessary keywords from their websites.

Buy .vc Domains

.VC domain names are available to register from anywhere in the world. At around $33 per year to register and renew, this extension encourages registrations without being too cheap for brands to utilize.

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Companies Using .vc Domain Names

bc.vc – URL shortener

smash.vc – Venture capital firm

9anime.vc – Anime website

foundry.vc – Venture capital firm

notion.vc – Venture capital firm

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