.ai Domain Names

If you’ve heard of artificial intelligence, then you’ve probably also noticed .ai domain names online. .ai is the country code top level domain (ccTLD) for Anguilla, which is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean.

Created in 1995, .ai domain names have gained popularity in recent years as the preferred domain extension for AI companies and AI websites. Being able to abbreviate “artificial intelligence” into the extension of a domain name is a great branding opportunity for companies wanting to keep their web address short and sweet.

Buy .ai Domains

.AI domains have one of the more expensive registration costs compared to other ccTLDs at around $50 per year. The extension also requires a minimum of two years for registrations or renewals, so expect to spend at least $100 when picking up a .ai domain name.

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Companies Using .ai Domain Names

With .com domain names continuing to increase in value, .ai domains have proven a more affordable way for brands to utilize short, keyword domain names. Here are some companies with .ai websites:

beacons.ai – Free bio builder and link shortener

snapps.ai – Website builder

techmonitor.ai – Tech blog

voicebot.ai – Artificial intelligence blog

otter.ai – Meeting notes tool

jasper.ai – AI copy generator

copy.ai – AI copy generator

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