How to Create an Effective PR Package

Companies often send PR packages to celebrities and influencers at no charge. They do so hoping the individual will use and like the product. If the celebrity or influencer feels it is a good product, they will share it on social media. This helps to expand the brand’s reach organically.

With a PR package, the celebrity or influencer receives no compensation. They may receive the package and not like the items, and they aren’t obligated to share the product with their followers. No contract is signed in exchange for the PR package. The company provides these goods to allow the celebrity or influencer to review the items. When they do so, brand awareness and sales increase.

The Benefits of PR Packages

Why would a company give away products? What benefits do they receive when doing so? Many companies have been sending these packages for a few years with great success. They know influencers and their followers reach many people with their posts. The company hopes the review will help them gain organic exposure on social media networks to drive sales and boost brand awareness.

In fact, PR unboxing has become extremely popular on sites such as Instagram and TikTok. The videos show the influencer or celebrity opening the package and sharing the contents. The content creator isn’t required to post a video in exchange for receiving the items, so this is considered organic marketing. However, the company can’t simply send a package and assume it will get great results. What must the company do to ensure the package achieves the desired goals?

An Effective PR Package

To effectively create a PR package, the company or brand must consider what the influencer or celebrity likes. What have they shared with followers in the past? What items have they shared that they dislike? In addition, the company must obtain personal information when sending many packages.

For instance, a clothing manufacturer needs to know the measurements of the person they are sending clothing to. If the company sends the wrong sizes, the person will not wear the items. The company receives no benefit when this is the case.

In addition, the brand needs to include a personalized note explaining why it chose this influencer or celebrity. This note should express their admiration for the work of the individual receiving the box. The note should also thank the individual for their relationship with the brand. This shows the authenticity of the brand when providing the package.

Following Up

A brand should follow up with the celebrity or influencer after they receive the package. This message should ask if they got the package and the shape it was in when it arrived. Furthermore, the brand should follow the influencer or celebrity on social media and comment on their posts.

Public relations play a major role in increasing brand awareness. Find celebrities and influencers who might be interested in the brand and send them a PR package. This package may be the start of a great relationship that will benefit both parties in years to come. Companies that have been using this technique say it works. Try it today to see if it might benefit your organization.

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