How to Create a Great Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

In the past, anyone looking to market a film, product, music, or another item to the public would put together a physical press kit. This kit served as an easy way to share information about the item or product being marketed. In addition, it helped reduce the number of questions a press team would have to field. What might a person include in the press kit?

The Purpose of an EPK

The press kit should answer important questions about the product, film, or music. For instance, the marketer may wish to include the details and specifications, such as the songs or cast list. The creator may share interesting facts in this kit or upcoming tour dates. The contents of the kit vary by what is being promoted.

An Electronic Press Kit

Today, many organizations use an electronic press kit rather than a physical kit. This allows them to reach a larger group while saving money. As they won’t need to print the materials, they won’t be using paper, ink, and more. In addition, the move to an electronic kit helps to protect the environment, as each receiver only prints the materials they need. They won’t receive unnecessary items and throw them away.

The Benefits of Electronic Press Kits

Anyone can use this kit to brand themselves and as a promotional tool. A musician, actor, or artist may include information about their past albums, works, or films. A company might highlight the benefits of the product being launched or show how it provides an effective solution to a common problem. This kit may also contain information about awards or honors. Additionally, the kit might include details related to social media followers and more.

One key benefit of using an electronic press kit is that it allows for updates. When a person or company distributes a physical press kit, the information is contained in a hard copy. They cannot easily update an already distributed physical kit, so people will see any wrong or outdated information until new kits are put together.

The electronic press kit removes this concern. If any information in the kit needs to be changed, the person responsible for its creation can do so quickly and easily. This ensures everyone has access to accurate information at all times.

Who Uses Electronic Press Kits?

Many organizations and individuals use electronic press kits today. Artists, actors, film studios, music studios, businesses, and non-profits are just some entities making use of these kits. In fact, some people now create an electronic press kit when they are trying to find a new job. They are using the marketing tool creatively, hoping to reach a larger group of potential employers.

Items Found in an Electronic Press Kit

Information found in a press kit varies by the person or organization distributing the kit. An artist or musician would include their bio, a press shot, contact information, prior works, and current releases. When a business releases this kit, it may include product information and a company bio.

Contact information, outbound links, and video embeds are other things the distributor might add to the kit. Non-profit organizations often highlight the work they have done and share information about their mission.

The press kit may contain various other items. For instance, a company may wish to include management or staff bios along with press releases related to the organization. The business might also include case studies related to the product or service being launched. A musician or artist might provide information on awards and accolades or share noteworthy press coverage.

Consider including a separate email specifically for those who receive the press kit. This ensures no inquiries are overlooked accidentally. Have someone monitor the email and respond promptly when a message comes in. Viewers appreciate knowing their feedback or question is important and will look fondly on a person or organization that takes the time to respond quickly.

Include information on community and volunteer work. People often want to support those who give back to others. Share this information with the viewers as part of this electronic press kit and update it regularly with any recent work.

Creating an Effective Electronic Press Kit

An effective electronic press kit needs to include more than information. The design and formatting of the kit help determine whether the kit receives attention from the right people. Fortunately, websites exist today that will help any person create an electronic kit that garners attention. With the help of templates, a person just fills in the blanks and has a press kit ready to go.

In addition, the person responsible for the kit needs to know the message they want to deliver. This message must be consistent to be effective, so don’t rush this part of the process. Consistency in marketing materials remains crucial to success.

Always use professional photos in press kits, as they help to present the person, organization, or product positively. Furthermore, include quotes from others in the industry who have positive things to say about the person, product, or business.

When physical press kits were common, a business would often include a product sample, while an artist may include a song track or trailer for upcoming work. This would help to generate additional interest. Doing so with an electronic press kit requires more work by businesses, as they don’t mail the kit.

For artists and actors, the electronic press kit makes it easy to share work. They simply include a link to hear the song track or trailer. The business wishing to offer a product sample may also use a link, one that will direct the visitor to a page where they can request the sample. Keep it simple, so the viewer is more likely to take the desired action.

Don’t overlook the value of a press kit. It’s hard to capture the attention of the media and the public today, as individuals are bombarded with information everywhere they go. With the help of this kit, a business or person can share vital information with their target audience while also allowing the audience to review the information when it is convenient for them. They appreciate this and will be more likely to view what the business or individual provides in this situation.

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