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Currently, Lorelai Design Studios is booked at near capacity. However, please get in contact with me if you have a project or ask; if I cannot work with you myself, I will do my utmost to connect you with my colleagues.

Mobile Design

I keep an updated copy of the iOS HIG and the Android Design Patterns on my kindle. Seriously. I'd love to help you develop the visual look and feel of your mobile app for one (or both) platforms.

Web and Wordpress

My roots are in web design, and I've also embraced Wordpress as a great way to get a content-rich site up and running extremely quickly. If you've got frontend website design needs, I can help. If it goes beyond my scope, I'll let you know upfront. (I do write HTML/CSS, but I don't do Javascript and Php.)

User Experience

Not many visual designers cross over into UX design, but I'm passionate about it. Whether your project is web, mobile or desktop, I'll start from post-its, paper wireframes and prototypes (if necessary) to make sure the experience feels "right."

Iconography and Illustration

Make me use my art degree from UC Berkeley! I also do iconography (raster and vector) and illustration jobs. Whether you're looking to have your fantasy character illuminated on paper or need some illustrated teaching materials, I'm happy to help.

Branding and Print

Design's bread and butter. I'll work with you to establish a logo and identity, and develop the suite of print materials you need - letterhead, business cards, advertisements. Just ask.

3 Michelin Star Chef

Well, okay, that's a lie. I can't help you out there - I don't cook really well unless it involves the words "stir-fry" or I glue my face to a recipe. But any of the other stuff I mentioned above, I'd love to help you!